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Estate Planning & Probate Law

The probate process is often necessary to ensure the correct disbursement of an estate. But the process can be a long one, depending on the number of assets of the deceased and the extent or the detail of their will, if there is a will. Let Bruce Eastman Attorney at Law handle your probate issues.


You, as the executor of a will, should not have to go through the probate process alone. We'll work hard for you to hopefully expedite the process so you can get back to taking care of your family. If a loved one has passed and you have been named the executor of their will, contact Bruce Eastman Attorney at Law for assistance.

Your Estate Plan

Estate planning today can help your family later. A comprehensive estate plan can make all the difference for your family after your passing. The person you name as the executor could see a shortened and uncomplicated probate process because of how you set up the specifics. Setting up an estate plan will:

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  • Protect your children from being appointed guardians by the government.
  • Communicate all your wishes to your loved ones, so they are comforted.
  • Address any potential disagreements to give your family peace of mind.

Planning for the future can be an easy thing to put off but creating an estate plan is something you should do now. Give your family the gift of comfort and call Bruce Eastman Attorney at Law today.